Our Aims

Founded in 2010, Durham University Consulting Society has three key aims:

  • To increase awareness of the consulting industry
  • To maximise the number of successful student job applications within consulting
  • To provide a network for students interested in a career within consulting

What We Do


Our events provide an opportunity to meet consulting professionals and other like-minded members. These events provide a great opportunity to meet those in the Industry who can tell you exactly what the life as a Consultant is like and to pick up those little tips that make the difference at interview. Drinks and food are often provided.

Our skills events provide opportunities to help you develop as a potential Consulting graduate. Facilitated by our Partner Firms and society alumni, these events help you to build a better understanding and improved set of skills to put you in the best position possible at the Assessment Centre.

Our events are advertised on our mailing list and our Facebook page.


Over 1,500 current students at Durham have subscribed to our newsletter. We use this to send updates on our Partner firms' recruitment activities as well as invites to our networking and case-study events. We're very proud to say that should you want to, it's very simple to unsubscribe from our newsletter (although when members leave the university many decide to transfer across to our alumni newsletter) so you don't need to worry about being forced to receive anything you don't want to.

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Each year we travel to our Partner Firms' offices to see what it's really like on the inside. Last year the society took 20 students and visited PwC, Accenture and Capgemini in London.

The Consulting Group

The Society's Consulting Group is a unique setting for students to learn about management consulting while working on real projects for both local and national organisations to solve challenging business problems.

Through working in partnership with strategy experts both from an academic and professional background, the Consulting Group is able to make significant impact while benefiting from a rigorous learning process.

Executive Committee 2016/17


Charlotte Laborde

President | president@durhamconsulting.co.uk

Charlotte is in her final year studying Business Management at Stephenson College. She is the President of the Society.

In her second year, Charlotte was Sponsorship Officer for the Consulting Society, liaising with the sponsors and securing the budget for the organised events. She maintained close ties with sponsors thinking of the long term investment for members of the society, and decided to help shape the society this year. She aspires to pursue a career path in strategy consultancy.

Akvile Suslaviciute

Sponsorship Manager | sponsorship@durhamconsulting.co.uk

Akvile is in her second year studying Economics. She works with external organisations to ensure sponsorship and bring their events to Durham.

Akvile has spent her summer interning at KPMG Risk Advisory Department and DnB Bank Corporate Banking Division. Her past work experience also includes being a project manager for running events at International Marathon. Further to this she is the curator of TEDxDurhamUniversity annual conference.


Carl Nabert


Carl is a second year economics student at Castle.  As Treasurer of the society, his role primarily focusses on budgeting and expenses. 

Apart from his role in the Consulting Society, he is the Treasurer for another university society and for two college societies. Additionally, he is an elected auditor of the college finances and sits on the college's constitutional committee. Previously, Carl interned in the operations department of BP and worked for an MP in his parliamentary office in Germany. 

Ludo Czartoryski-Bruseth

Events Manager | eventsmanager@durhamconsulting.co.uk

Ludo is in his third year studying Geography. As Events Manager Ludo’s role encompasses taking on the responsibility of creating events to connect students with firms.

His previous work experience includes an internship at Regester Larkin and work at VIVO Energy, IPSOS MORI and Blue Rubicon. Ludo is applying to become a graduate consultant due to the fascinating and rewarding nature of the work.


Žana Lah

Secretary | info@durhamconsulting.co.uk

Žana is a final year Business and Psychology student at Hild Bede. In her role as secretary, she acts as a liaison between the committee and society members, ensuring that communication is transparent and efficient.

Žana spent her summer interning with PwC, where she worked on two major projects across the CEE region. In addition to her work at DUCS, she is a Campus Ambassador for Monzo bank, works in a college bar and is trying to balance training both judo and rowing. After graduation, Žana aspires to pursue a career in consulting.



Niamh Rogers

Consulting Group Manager | consultinggroup@durhamconsulting.co.uk

Niamh is in her final year studying Business and Management at Stephenson College. She is the manager of the Consulting Group, providing a platform for students to gain an insight into a career in consultancy. Niamh works with local organisations to create meaningful projects for the Consulting Group to work on, whilst also being in charge of group recruitment and project management.
Over the summer, Niamh worked at EY in Canary Wharf as a Financial Services Advisory Intern. During her time with EY, Niamh assisted a large retail bank with the implementation of new strategies, providing data analysis and communicating with clients on a daily basis. Niamh has secured a graduate position with EY and will be returning to work for their Performance Improvement practice in September 2017. 

Executive Committee Alumni